Steel products

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Steel products

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The standard material we use is S235JR general-purpose structural steel. According to the customer’s request, we can hot-dip galvanize the products, which will provide greater resistance to external conditions and protect against corrosion. We produce all our products on site, in our plant in Mysłowice.

We have an extensive machinery park and our own production lines. Thanks to this, our products are manufactured on time and at competitive prices.

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Steel wire and round drawn bar

Drawn wire and rod – technology and properties

Round drawn wire and bar – dimensions:

Internal diameter of the circle – 500mm.

Circle weight – 50 to 1000 kg.

We produce our drawn bars in Silesia – in Mysłowice. They are created by pulling the starting material through the holes of the die. This allows you to obtain bars with a very precise diameter compared to hot-rolled bars. Thanks to production in our parent plant, we can fulfill orders for any diameter of drawn bars.

We use high-quality steel, so our wires and round drawn bars can be used universally wherever precision is required (screws, anchors, etc.). We deliver round drawn wires and bars in plain or softened condition. We take into account all technical requirements and specifications provided by customers.

We offer wires and round bars made of S235JRG2 steel according to DIN EN 10025 and others, according to the customer’s order. Our assortment includes drawn materials in a wide range of dimensions, which we can cut to any length.

Our drawn wires and rods can have different diameters and lengths. We make them according to the customer's order, cutting them to size. Qualified staff and many years of experience allow us to fulfill the most demanding orders. Thanks to our modern machinery, we carry out production entirely in our plant in Mysłowice, Silesia. Thanks to this, we place orders on time and at competitive prices.

Spiral rolled drawn wire (grooved bar)

Drawn grooved wire and rod – dimensions:

Internal diameter of the coil – from 500mm.

Coil weight – 50 to 2000 kg.

We make spirally rolled drawn rods and wires from steel with very good strength parameters. We deliver them in plain or softened versions. All steel wires and bars we sell are cut to size according to the specifications provided by the customer. We take into account all necessary technical requirements, ensuring the highest quality of the product.

We offer wires and grooved bars made of S235JRG2 steel according to DIN EN 10025 and others, according to the customer’s order. Thanks to the drawing technology, the wire gains strength.

Wire and ribbed rod

Ribbed steel bars are used primarily to reinforce concrete structures during construction works – they strengthen ceilings, foundations, balconies and stairs.

When combined with concrete, the ribbed bar forms reinforced concrete. Ribbing improves the adhesion of concrete to steel, making the resulting material durable, allowing the construction of solid and durable structures. These types of bars stick to concrete much better than smooth bars.

Ribbed wire – dimensions:

Internal diameter of the circle – 500mm.

Circle weight – 50 to 1000 kg.

We offer ribbed wires and bars made of S235JRG2 steel according to DIN EN 10025 and others, according to the customer’s order. Our products are characterized by high hardness and resistance to deformation. We use only the best quality steel.

Cold-rolled wire - Flat bar

Steel flat bar – product dimensions:

Width: 8 – 16 mm.

Thickness: 1.45 – 5.00 mm

In the case of a flat bar in a coil (hoop iron): internal diameter – 400 and 500 mm; external fi 1000 – 1200 mm.

The steel flat bar co-creates metal structures. Our flat bar/hoop iron is characterized by gentle, rounded edges. We achieve this through a special, unique rolling process. Radius on the edges of the flat bar is safer for workers’ hands (does not cause cuts) and does not damage technological equipment during its further processing.

Ready-made steel flat bars can be welded or galvanized. Galvanized flat bar/bandage is protected against corrosion. Strong steel and flat shape allow for versatile applications. We prepare and cut products from flat bars to dimensions according to the customer’s wishes.

We offer a flat bar in black standard S235JR structural steel, in bars or coils (steel hound). Flat bar and hoop iron can be welded raw or hot-dip galvanized, making them more resistant to external conditions and protected against corrosion.

Durable steel flat bars (bandery)

Welded mesh – durable and multifunctional

As a standard, they are made of S235JR black steel. According to the customer’s order, such meshes can be hot-dip galvanized. Galvanized welded mesh is more resistant to weather conditions and protects the product against corrosion.

We produce welded steel mesh from round bars (smooth or grooved) with a diameter of 4.0 to 8.0 mm.

Produced in Poland, in Mysłowice.

The steel bars are spot welded. This solution ensures durability and resistance to our products. Thanks to this, this type of steel mesh is widely used in the mining industry to protect workings. High stability, resistance to external conditions and precision of workmanship allow you to combine protection with an aesthetic appearance.

There are many uses for welded mesh – from small mesh covers for ventilation shafts, through breeding cages, covers for machines and equipment in production lines, to effective protection for mines and earthworks (mining mesh). Welded steel mesh is made according to the customer’s order, according to the required rod diameter and mesh spacing. We cut the nets to size. The welded mesh is made of black steel, additional protection against corrosion is possible in the form of galvanizing.

Welded meshes can be used in various industries:

  • gates, wickets, fences, balustrades,
  • elements of filtering and ventilation systems,
  • covers of machines, devices, production lines,
  • reinforcement elements,
  • breeding cages, pens,
  • mining net, landslide protection.

Welded steel mesh – stable protection

Pressed nets

The purpose of the pressed mining mesh is to protect the roof and side parts of workings in mining plants against sliding and falling pieces of rocks, lumps of coal and other minerals.

The method of connecting the meshes with each other (arch and hook) allows for the creation of a compact sequence of covering surfaces and guarantees ease of installation. Due to the lack of the need for a permanent connection with the working elements, individual housing elements can be easily replaced, which ensures uninterrupted coverage of the ceiling and side walls.

Pressed mining nets include a group of nets made of flat bars. Meshes intended for use as a cladding covering of corridor workings, cooperating with sections with the KS/KO-21, V25, V29, V32, V34, V36, V42 and V44 profiles and others compliant with the PN-G-06011:2013-10 “Excavations” standard horizontal and inclined corridors in mining plants. Workings enclosed with door frames made of channel sections. Requirements and acceptance tests.

Seratized tape - anti-slip

We offer seratized anti-slip tape made of S235JR steel.

The tape, or ready-made flat bar in cut sections, may have a thickness of: 1.45 to 5.00 mm

and width: from 8 to 16 mm.

The tape/flat bar is 100% manufactured in Dumat Sp. z o. o.

A flat bar is rolled from steel wire rod in the cold rolling process, which is then subjected to a precise, waste-free laser seratization process (cutting anti-slip “teeth”). Such a flat bar is mainly used in the production of anti-slip gratings. Just like our “ordinary” flat bar, it can be welded raw or hot-dip galvanized (which increases the anti-corrosion resistance of the platform grating made with it).

Additional information (smooth and anti-slip steel flat bars).

We also invite you to contact us if you need additional information – you would like to ask about the details of our offer for steel flat bars (serrated or smooth) and the availability of individual products:

  • o availability of specific steel products;
  • about the thickness and width of our products (seratized and smooth steel flat bars),
  • about the extent to which our products may be available upon request,
  • details of placing and executing a standard order for our products: seratized and smooth flat bars,
  • o the time required to complete the service of preparing and cutting flat bars according to a specific order,
  • o the availability of other products that our general company offer includes (gratings, wires, steel meshes),
  • about the production process – product delivery details,
  • any other issues important to you (offer, availability, delivery, steel from which seratized and smooth flat bars are made, certificates, etc.

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